Youth Go and Us

The British Go Association is constantly trying to improve junior Go in this country. In the past few years, many things have been done to teach more youngsters about Go, make it easier for juniors to learn Go and to give young Go players more opportunities to play and to improve.

For example:

  • The UK Go Challenge was set up in 2004, to allow schools to compete in a tournament with local heats and a national final. It was an immediate success, with more than 400 players from 23 schools taking part in the first year.
  • There's an annual Youth Championship with age groups ranging from Under-8 to Under-18.
  • Young players entering tournaments throughout the year win points towards the Youth Grand Prix prizes.
  • We've part sponsored a number of events around the country introducing Go to schools, typically as part of the Gifted, Young and Talented programmes.
  • A system of Regional Youth Representatives and local volunteers was set up to support schools interested in Go.
  • Alex Selby set up the SIG Go Server for schools, which for a while provided a safe place for young players to play each other online without requiring any client software
  • Our junior web pages are continually being improved and expanded
  • A set of easy cartoon rules of Go were devised and printed
  • Our Certificate Scheme was launched in 2006 - juniors can improve and win certificates by learning from a series of puzzles
  • The UK Go Challenge launched a series of Geographical Go Galas
  • A mentoring scheme for young players was set up
  • Schools are eligible for a grant on the purchase of books and equipment and the expenses of a Go teacher

We hope to carry on making things better for junior Go players. We have identified our top priorities for few next years:

  • Strengthening the role of the Youth Regional Representatives and supporting local initiatives
  • Holding online tournaments and teaching and an online youth grand prix
  • Issuing answer sheets and introductory text for each section for our Certificate Scheme puzzles
  • Seeking more sponsorship for Youth Go events

Please let us know if you have your own ideas of how you would like to see junior Go in this country develop.

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