Playing games on the ladder

The ladder is mainly intended for over-the-board play although there is no reason not to include online games. It provides a national ladder for players throughout the country and also provides for individual club ladders at the same time, but one flexible enough to take visitors to clubs.

Who can play

Any two players may play at any time, either online or offline. They should normally agree before the game starts that the result is to be entered on the ladder. No restriction is enforced as to who can play whom, however if asked for a recommendation, players currently not more than 40 places apart on the ladder are proposed with appropriate handicaps. Note that the player higher up the ladder may sometimes be a lower rank and take a handicap from the player lower down.

The game should normally be played with a number of handicap stones equal to the difference in rank (as displayed on the ladder) between the players less 1 stone, the positions on the ladder not being taken into account. Remember that 1K is one below 1D. AGA rules should be used with 7.5 komi for even games and 0.5 komi otherwise (or for handicaps of 1) and using pass stones. A 40-minute sudden death time limit is recommended but not enforced.

If the lower-placed (not necessarily lower-ranked) player wins the game, he or she moves up to his or her opponent's position and the opponent and all those below down to the original position of the winning player move down one.

If the lower-placed player loses the game, no change is made to the positions.

Rank assignment and adjustments

The ranks were initialised from the strengths in rating list, rounded to the nearest integer, on 27 November 2016, however rank adjustments may well make these ranks diverge from the rating list. New players are added after the lowest player of the same rank.

The following fractional adjustments are made to the ranks (although they are displayed rounded to the nearest integer on the ladder).

Players are limited to 9 dan maximum and 30 kyu minimum regardless of their performance.

Accounts on the system

To enter results on the ladder, please set up an account on the system using the menu item provided. The other player does not have to have an account on the system. If your name is already on the ladder, you will need to just provide the additional details, user name, password and email. Players on the ladder who have not got an account have their names rendered in italics.